How To Stop Snoring

How To Stop Snoring-10 Easy Cures & Remedies You Can Use Tonight

how to stop snoringMy name is Dr. Luke and I am a dentist trained in dental sleep medicine. I know personally what it’s like to suffer from snoring and I’m going to show you some simple and effective solutions on how to stop snoring. Don’t feel like an outcast, in fact, you or your loved one are among the 45% of adults suffering from the effects of snoring. Studies indicate that up to 45% of men and 30% of women routinely snore.

While your family and friends may joke about your snoring at gatherings, deep down you know snoring isn’t a laughing matter. Behind closed bedroom doors, you know all too well the negative effects of snoring. Are you suffering from these symptoms:

1) Loud noises while sleeping

2) Unable to relax while sleeping

3) Difficulty staying awake during the day

4) Hard time focusing

5) High blood pressure

6) Wake up with a sore throat

7) Wake up in the middle of the night gasping for air

8) Feel chest pain during the night

If you’ve answered yes to one or more of these symptoms, the odds are you may be suffering from a snoring condition. If your symptoms include gasping or choking for air at night or snoring so loud it wakes your partner up, you could be a risk of suffering from a more serious snoring condition known as obstructive sleep apnea.

While snoring can be caused by several complex factors, here are some quick simple solutions on how to stop snoring that get you on the right path:

1) Sleep On Your Side

If you routinely sleep on your back, this position allows the base of your tongue to collapse to the back wall of throat, narrowing your airway and partially blocking airflow. This causes a vibrating sound during sleep which we call snoring.

By sleeping on your side, you may be able to limit or prevent this condition from happening. If you still find yourself on your back during the middle of the night, you can try using duck tape to tape a tennis ball to the back of your pajamas.

2) Elevate The Head Of Your Bed Up To 4 Inches

If you’re one of the lucky ones to own a Sleep Number Bed, this solution will be easy to implement. By lifting the position of your head, you’ll open up your airway and may prevent snoring. If you don’t have the luxury of an adjustable bed, you can try using cement blocks found at your local hardware store.

3) Lose Excess Weight

It’s a myth that only overweight people snore. I fall into the average this body weight category and I still snore. This solution isn’t as quick a fix as the others, but you’ll benefit a lot from this solution if you started snoring after gaining excess weight. Extra weight can lead to extra tissues around the throat causing the base of the tongue and soft palate to collapse during sleep which leads to snoring.

4) Monitor Alcohol And Sedative Medications

Eliminating any alcoholic beverage 2-4 hours before bedtime. Alcohol causes your tongue and throat muscles to relax which can lead to snoring.

Consult with your doctor about your snoring condition before taking any sedative medication. Like alcohol, sedatives cause depression of your central nervous system leading to relaxation and collapse of the tissues in your throat.

5) Open Congested Nasal Passages

If you’re suffering from allergies and the snoring beings in your nose, you may be suffering from minimal air flow through your nasal passages. Blocked nasal passages cause faster airflow which can lead to snoring.

Consult with your doctor about proper allergy medication and nasal decongestants to treat this condition. Using over the counter nasal decongestants more than several days in a row can make your snoring worse.

Other natural remedies include taking a hot shower to open your nasal passages before bedtime. Rinsing your sinuses can also help clear your nose. You can find sinus rinse kits here or your local pharmacy may carry them.

Nasal strips can also help increase airflow through your nose. However, this solution will not work if the cause of your snoring is from other physical conditions such as a relaxed tongue or a deviated septum. More advanced snoring remedies need to be explored to address these problems.

6) Minimize Dust And Other Allergens

Keeping your bedroom clean will reduce allergens and dust mites which can lead to allergies and snoring. If you notice your nasal passages becoming congested when you come home, it’s probably caused by allergens. Make sure you remove all dust from elevated surfaces such as shelves, window sills, and ceiling fans. You can also consider purchasing a hepa filter to minimize allergens in your bedroom.

Change your sheets and pillowcases regularly and replace pillows twice a year to minize the buildup of dust mites. You’ll find special pillows advertised to reduce snoring, but there are drawbacks to using these products. If you’re considering on purchasing these pillows to stop snoring, make sure you get a copy of my special report on snoring products.

7) Stop Smoking

Smoking cigarettes leads to respiratory problems and snoring. Smoking causes inflammation of your nasal membranes and throat which leads to minimized airflow. It’s the equivalent of you trying to breathe through a narrow straw.

Smoking causes your lungs to weaken leading to restless sleep, especially if you can’t get sufficient air. Replace your smoking with good habits such as regular exercise and use nicotine substitutes to control your cravings.

8) Drink Plenty Of Fluids

When your body is dehydrated, the secretions in your nose and nasal passages become thick and hard causing them to stick. Drink plenty of water and liquids keep these secretions from sticking to your throat and nose reducing snoring.

9) Get Plenty Of Rest

Working long, hard hours can cause you to crash into a deep sleep which can lead to an over-relaxed tongue and soft palate causing snoring. Modify your daily schedule so you can get enough hours of sleep each night.

10) Experiment With Over The Counter Snoring Devices, Natural Medications, and Dental Devices

There are several over the county snoring products available for purchase. In fact, you probably saw several products advertised as you searched for solutions on how to stop snoring. Use caution when spending money on these products. While some low cost products can aid in the reduction of snoring, many products fail to live up to their claims of reducing snoring. Before you waste money purchasing these snoring products or devices, I highly recommend you check out my special report “Snoring Devices and Medications-Avoid Buying Ineffective Products”. This report is compiled from my own personal research and evaluation as a dentist. I’ll show you which low cost products are worth considering and which ones to avoid. Check Zyppah snoring device

If you’ve implemented the first nine steps and still suffer from snoring, you may be suffering from a more serious condition such as sleep apnea. It’s important you consult with a qualified physician or dentist trained in snoring and sleep disorders. Your physician may refer you for a sleep study and recommend further treatment such as a nasal CPAP machine or possible nasal septum surgery depending on the cause.

If you’re looking for a more conservative and less expensive treatment remedy with a high rate of success, I highly recommend you consider a dental snoring device. Not only are dental snoring devices cost effective, they can have up to 70-90% success rate. Dentists trained in sleep medicine can help you reduce snoring without the expense and hassle of nasal CPAP machines. If you want to learn more about the various dental snoring devices so you can make an informed decision with your dentist, I urge you to check out my special report “Snoring Devices and Medications-Avoid Buying Ineffective Products”. My report will teach you about all the current dental snoring devices on the market today and the advantages to each one. If you can’t find a local dentist trained in sleep medicine and snoring devices, contact me and I can refer you to a local dentist in your area who can consult with you.

Stop suffering from the effects of snoring and restore marital bliss with your partner. Take action now and begin implementing these 10 snoring remedies today so you can start start sleeping peacefully tonight!