Anti Snore Pillow – Dental Advice For Consumers

anti snoring pillowSnoring is so prevalent that it affects up to 40% of the general population. When we sleep, our tongue and the upper part of our soft palate relax and collapse to the back of the throat. This leads to obstruction of the airway and turbulent airflow which causes the tissues of the throat to vibrate. This would be the equivalent of you trying to breathe through a narrow straw.

There are a multitude of stop snoring aids and devices for sale promising to open up your airway and eliminate snoring. These aids range from straps, stop snoring mouthpieces, dental snore guards, and Anti Snore Pillows.

The purpose of the Anti-Snore Pillow was to cradle your head and neck and reposition your lower jaw forward to keep the airway open. These pillows claim to conform to the natural contours of your body to relieve pressure and provide proper support for your neck without the need for straps, slings, sleeves, or adjustment to your current sleeping style.

Many of these pillows are constructed out of memory or latex foam material and some have a curved design to fit your neck. Some even come with built in magnets to help relieve pain. These pillows are designed with a hump in the middle forcing you to sleep sideways on the pillow. Adjustable air chambers allow you to select the best neck support.

The design intent of the Anti Snore Pillow is to provide proper support of your neck and spine, thereby keeping the airway open and preventing snoring. There have been mixed results with consumers. I have compiled a special report on my tests of what snoring aids including anti snore pillows and which ones worked the best.

It’s important to know there can be several causes of snoring and determining the real reason why you snore is the first step to selecting the right product or treatment to treat your condition. For more information on how to stop snoring

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