Stop Snoring Aids & Devices – Dental Advice On What Really Works Best

Stop Snoring Aids & Devices – Dental Advice On What Really Works Best

snore mouthpieceIf you’re among the 90 million Americans who suffer from snoring, you’ve probably experienced the guilt, health problems, and embarrassment that accompanies it. Restless nights, falling asleep during the day, forgetfulness, high blood pressure, and driving your partner to seek refuge in a separate bedroom are some of the consequences you’ve had to bear. I suffered from snoring just like you so I know what you’re going through.

You get to the point where you become desperate to cure this condition and desperately seek to buy any stop snoring aids or devices that promise to eliminate your snoring problem. With so many over the counter products ranging from books, anti-snore pillows, chinstrap devices, sprays, nasal strips, and stop snoring mouthpieces, how do you know what products really work?

Before we explore some of these stop snoring aids and devices, it’s important to understand what causes snoring. Snoring occurs when airflow from the mouth and nose into the lungs is disturbed. This usually happens during sleep when the tongue and upper part of the soft palate relax and obstruct the airway. Narrowing of the airway increases airflow causing the tissues of the throat to vibrate which leads to snoring.

If you snore and wake up gasping for air in the middle of the night, you could be suffering from a more serious medical condition known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). OSA occurs when you stop breathing for period of 10-40 seconds and wake up gasping for air. If you believe you suffer from this serious medical condition, don’t try to self treat your snoring problem with over the counter stop snoring aids or devices. Your treatment needs to be supervised by the care of a doctor or dentist trained in sleep medicine.

If you suffer from benign or mild snoring, there are a multitude of stop snoring aids and devices that promise to cure your condition. In order to know which product is suitable for you, you must know the cause of your snoring. Let’s go over the most common aids:

1) Nasal Strips

2) Acupressure Finger Rings

3) Lubricating Mouth Spray

4) Anti-Snore Pillow

5) Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

6) Chinstrap

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